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App makers, in the making...

Privacy Policy




We are a small independent team that develops applications and other web related content. We create to make people happy, to fill needs and hopefully make some money in the process.


The following is our commitment to your privacy.


Our Philosophy


“We do not ask for data we do not need. If we ask for data it is to provide a service, which we will make clear at the point you agree. We will not use or keep data we are given other than for the purpose it was intended. We will dispose of any data you shared with us on request.”


Unlike the majority of online privacy policies, this has been written by us. We have chosen to write it ourselves as we believe privacy is important and therefore something we should share our view of, and not the the numerous unread generic words of others. Now, we are not legal professionals, so our policy no doubt lacks in some regards, but importantly is something that should make sense to you and us.


So, your privacy… it is as important as our privacy. We are people too.


Our Website


We do not request cookies. We do not ask you to sign up.


When you visit our website our host will log some details of your visit. We are provided access to some of this information, including browser version and operating system statistics. We do not currently use this information for any purpose.


Our host’s privacy policy is available here:


Our Applications


Our mobile applications only ask for the privileges required to meet their function, for example, to save high scores we ask for permission to write to your local device storage.


We publish applications on a number of applications services, whose privacy policies can be found here:


Our Communications


Communications between us is via the following 3rd party services, each of whose privacy policies can be found here:





Any payments are managed by 3rd parties e.g. Google Play. We never ask or have access to your payment details.


External Content


External content on the internet is vast and varied. We will never intentionally link to content we consider inappropriate. Should you encounter content you consider inappropriate from our output please let us know.


Other Data


Where data becomes available to us we will assess whether it should have.


Should we consider the data appropriate we shall update this privacy policy.


Should we consider the information inappropriate we shall notify the provider, and share this via our relevant communication channels.


Our Location


We are based in the United Kingdom (UK) and as such comply with all relevant European Union (EU) and then United States of America (US) regulations in so much as they apply and do not contradict, this in order of precedence.




As the requirements of UK, EU and wider law develops we anticipate this policy updating. We aim to ensure this policy reflects our obligations in a format consumable by all.




We look to address any concerns about our output with users and wider community through discussion. Where you have an observation about our efforts, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss.


Please contact us at


In Summary


We are independent, make things, care about your opinion, communicate, but are not lawyers.


Third parties provide many of our facilities, are selected by, and can be replaced by us.


You are important to us, and decide if we are a success.


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